Family Itinerary

A natural playground children and adults alike.

If you are dreaming of a trip where you explore with your kids instead of simply supervising them, Colorado Springs offers the ultimate participatory family travel vacation. Colorado Springs is a great destination for kids of all ages. At Garden of the Gods Collection, we will help you discover the best family activities available in the Pikes Peak Region. Explore Colorado Springs rich history, indulge in an array of exciting attractions and the vibrant foodie culture of our city or simply take in all of the beautiful sights that are right at your fingertips.

Learn how to spend 36 hours with your family in Colorado Springs, with Garden of the Gods Collection as your base camp.

For a personalized Family Itinerary please call or visit our Concierge, who will happily help you plan activities suited to your family’s ages and interests.


family at pool


5 P.M. | KIDS CLUB Don’t get us wrong, family time is great, but it’s nice to be able to schedule a little alone time on a family vacation too. Drop the kids off at Kids Club and enjoy a romantic in-suite, fireside dinner for two while your kids make new friends and enjoy a plethora of games and activities. No need to worry about feeding the kids; for just $8 per child we serve a tasty, healthy and kid-friendly dinner during our Friday Night Kids Club.

8 P.M. | FAMILY GAME NIGHT Family time is the best time and together is our favorite place to be. After a few hours of quiet time, (with the little ones in Kids Club) spend the rest of your evening engaging with your little ones. Order room service snacks and play any number of the family friendly games the resort offer complimentary to resort guests: Monopoly, Chess, Trouble, Battleship, Sorry, Checkers, Cribbage, Dice, Cards, and the infamous Weird & True (Book).


10 A.M. | RIDE PIKES PEAK COG RAILWAY + DONUTS & HOT COCOA Over the span of a three-hour round-trip, this cog-powered train climbs nine miles of track along grades as steep as 24 percent, from the spruce- and pine-shrouded base to the thin air of its 14,115-foot summit. The 360-degree view overlooks old mining towns, the Great Plains and downtown Denver. Don’t worry; you’ll be on your way back down before you start feeling lightheaded. But while you’re at the top, check out America’s highest deep fryer at Pikes Peak Summit House, churning out hundreds of strange donuts each day that must be eaten at the summit elevation lest they spoil in the thicker air below.

3 P.M. | MAY NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM Locally known as the Bug Museum, a collection of 100,000 butterflies, beetles, spiders, moths, scorpions and other insects caught around the world since the 1900s is the centerpiece of this throwback roadside attraction off Highway 115. Among the fantastical specimens handed down through the generations and pinned inside century-old wooden cases are neon-colored butterflies and beetles the size of small cats.


10 A.M. | VISIT THE COLORADO WOLF WILDLIFE SANCTUARY Located in the town of Divide, this 35-acre wolf rescue casts an educational light on uncommon species of canids, from majestic Arctic wolves to endangered Mexican Gray Wolves. During the daily tours, you’ll get an up-close look at the pack of rescued wolves and learn about their feeding habits and subtle behaviors.

12:30 P.M. | JOSH & JOHN’S ICE CREAM This 30-year staple in downtown Colorado Springs makes its ice cream using a slow-churn approach that allows for a creamier and denser product. Pick from a menu of 16 regular flavors – or try one of their innovative rotating creations, like goat cheese, Jack Daniels or pumpkin pie sorbet – then enjoy on the outdoor patio beneath the watchful eye of Pikes Peak.