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Family dining at Garden of the Gods Club

As Garden of the Gods Club and Resort is located within an elegant and sophisticated private country club, we ask that our resort and event guests observe the following guidelines while on property:

Attire at the Golf Resort in Colorado Springs

We ask that proper Club and Resort casual attire be worn while on premises. The Club and Resort's dress code applies to all Members and Guests.

Entire Club and Resort

Informal Club and Resort casual attire is permitted in the Club and Resort.  Examples of informal Club and Resort attire for men include collared dress or polo shirts, neutral or dark-colored slacks, dressy denim or corduroy pants, and tailored jackets.  Examples of informal Club and Resort attire for ladies include sweaters, blouses, slacks, or dressy denim pants, dresses, or modest dresses or skirts.  Dress appropriate denim is permitted in public areas and casual dining outlets.  Cut-offs and short shorts are not considered appropriate attire.  Pool sandals and tank tops are permitted in the Spa Fitness area and Recreation Center areas only. 

Grand View Dining Room

Collared shirts and long pants for men are required after 6PM, Monday-Sunday.  Hats are not permitted in the Grand View Dining Room, but women wearing formal hats is permissible.  Dress appropriate upscale denim is also permitted.  Pool sandals, swimwear, cut-off shorts, work-out attire, t-shirts and tank tops are prohibited.  Jackets are suggested for men after 6:00pm on Friday and Saturday evenings.

The Rocks and Kissing Camels Grille

Informal Club and Resort casual attire is permitted.  Dress appropriate denim is also permitted. Men may wear tropical style, button down shirts (silk collared, button down, with no tail) designed to be worn outside of pants are acceptable.  Shirts that are considered vulgar, offensive, or otherwise likely to cause a disturbance by management, are not allowed.  Golf caps may be worn, and the bill of the cap must be facing forward.  Pool sandals, swimwear, cut-off shorts, work-out attire and tank tops are prohibited.

Golf Course

Golf attire as defined below must be worn at any of the golf facilities including the practice range, practice putting greens, short game area and golf courses. Pants, slacks, knickers or Bermuda shorts (limited to 4” above the knee) are considered appropriate attire. Cut-off shorts, blue jeans (denim), swim suits, short-shorts or work-out attire are prohibited.  Shirts are to be worn at all times.  Gentlemen’s shirts must have a collar or mock collar and sleeves (t-shirt collars are not permitted), and must be worn inside trousers/shorts. Ladies’ tops without collars must have sleeves; tops without sleeves must have a collar. No high-heeled, football, baseball shoes are permitted on the golf courses.  Golf shoes with non-metal spikes are required when using the golf courses.  Kissing Camels is a soft spike/spike less facility. Tennis shoes and/or sneakers are permitted. Golf caps may be worn, and the bill of the cap must be facing forward. Clothing and shoes should be changed in the locker rooms, not in the parking lot. If you are in doubt concerning your attire, please consult a member of the golf professional staff before starting your round.


Proper tennis attire as determined by the Tennis Professional Staff is required at all times.  Colors are permitted. Shirts are to be worn at all time. Non acceptable tennis attire: undershirts, cut-offs, sports bras, denim, swim suits, slacks, boots, dress shoes, and heels of any kind.  Non-marking tennis shoes are required on tennis courts.

Spa, Fitness and Pools

While using the Spa and Spa pool, pool sandals, t-shirts, and tank tops are permitted.  Proper swim attire is required at the Spa Pool, which includes swim suits for women and swim trunks for men.   When in public spaces, please ensure that swim attire is accompanied by a robe, wrap or other appropriate cover-up. Resort casual attire for women.  Men must wear a shirt upon exiting the immediate pool area.  Please avoid walking barefoot anywhere in the Club and Resort.  

Fitness Center and Sports Club

Casual workout attire is acceptable in both the Spa Fitness Center and the Sports Club Fitness Center.  Examples include t-shirts, tank tops, gym shorts, or warm-up pants for men, t-shirts, tank tops, gym shorts, or warm-up pants for women.  

If you have any questions about what types of clothing you should pack for your upcoming visit, please contact the Front Desk at 1.800.923.8838 or 719.632.5541.

Cell Phones

In order to maintain the peaceful and relaxed social atmosphere of the Resort, and as a courtesy to all Club Members and Guests, cellular phone usage is restricted to private meeting rooms, lobby and hallways, and your guest room. 

No Smoking

For the comfort of our members and guests, Garden of the Gods Club and Resort is a smoke-free establishment.  Smoking is permitted in private vehicles only.  Smoking is permitted on the golf course with the approval of playing partners.


For their own safety and the comfort of our Club Members and Guests, children must be supervised at all times. Guests are responsible for the conduct and safety of their children while at the Club and Resort.  Between Memorial Day and Labor Day (Summer Season) the family pool at the Recreation Center is open daily to guests and members of all ages. During this time the Spa Infinity Pool is reserved for adults only. Between Labor Day and Memorial Day (Winter Season) children less than 17 years of age are permitted at the Spa Infinity Pool when accompanied by an adult 21 years of age or older.  Children less than 13 years of age are not permitted access to the Spa Steam Room, Indoor Hot Tub or Spa Fitness Center.   Children 13-16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult 21 years of age or older.


Dining room reservations are requested for lunch and dinner at the Garden of the Gods Club and Resort and Kissing Camels Grille.  To expedite service, parties of 12 or more will be asked to order from a pre-planned menu.  It is required that all checks be signed and include the guest number or resort room number.  The only dining facilities that accept cash are the Recreational Center and Mirage Snack Bars.  An 18% service charge will be added to all food and beverage checks and is applied to the total charge prior to tax.

Resort Experience

Garden of the Gods Club and Resort is known for its magnificent views and tranquil environment.   During your stay you will observe many types of local wildlife.  For your own safety please view the wildlife from a distance.  In order to maintain the peaceful setting that our Club Members, Guests and resident wildlife have come to expect, please keep noise to a minimum and refrain from walking on the grass around the reflection pool after 6pm. While staying in a resort guestroom we ask that you respect fellow Guests by maintaining a quiet atmosphere after 10pm.

Wireless Internet Access

For your convenience, Garden of the Gods Club and Resort offers wireless Internet access in guest rooms and common areas, included in the $20 daily resort fee.